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Photography being my hobby, I take many photos of friends some of which are used as Christmas Cards.  Here are a few thumbnails, each of which will take you to a larger version of the photograph

Peter, an old school friend, and Patricia live in Philadelphia, who had a second home in Spain Peter  Patricia
Clive and Ainna Fawcett-Henesy live in Ireland in Limerick Ainna Fawcett-Henesy
Michael and Amanda Goldsmith live in Wollaston, near Olney  Amanda   Michael Goldsmith
Jane who sady died in April 2015 and Tim Allen have been amongst my oldest friends Tim has sold the house in Orford and moved to Bury St Edmunds, though he still has a flat in London. He has recently remarried.
Jane in OrfordTim and janeTim's wedding
Charlotte and Michael live in Oxfordshire with Angus and Lucy Alex Charlotte and Lucy
Joanne Coleman, my secretary 20 years ago, now living in Northern Ireland has a  daughter Jemma   Jemma jemma
William Collinson (my dentist) and Arnie Maynard lived in a beautiful old Lincolnshire farmhouse and have now moved to Wales William Collinson   
Marina and Matteo Codazzi - special Italian friends who now live in their new flat in the middle of Rome.  Their daughter Chiara is a teenager and a junior champion fencer 

Marina in Romechiara and friends

marina's flat  
Bill Dinning is an old friend, an ophthalmologist and a sculptor 

Chris and Margaret Prangnell, and their daughter Becky, live in Dublin

RebeccaChris margaret

Paula and John Tomlinson live in Cromwell Tower Paula tomlinson

Margaret's sister, Helen, lives in Middleton St George, near Darlington, with her husband Simon Pleydell, an NHS Chief Executive. Their children, Alex and Kate, have now both left University.

Helen  Kate Simon
Joyce and Paul Guerra live in Liss, and Paul works in the City.  Max was born in May 2001 and Monty in February 2003.  Paul developed a brain tumour late in 2011 and is doing well after surgery and radiotherapy. Joyce 

  Paul and Joyce

Joyce and son
Jeanette & Marshall Marinker have a new dog, Elizabeth.  They live in a elegant flat in a converted Church
Alex and Julie Lyall had an antiques shop in Long Melford, Suffolk, and their daughter, Alice, is growing up rapidly and Julie has had twin boys, now far older

the twins

Peter and Ann Robinson live in Dolphin Square
Jameela Lares is a university professor specializing in English literature and Milton.  She comes from Hattiesburg, in Mississippi and often visits England - here with a party of US students in the flat    Jameela